At 630 miles, the South West Coast Path is by far the longest of Britain’s National Trails, well over twice the length of its nearest rival. To walk it in one go needs a spare month at least, and few of us have such an opportunity. But there’s no hardship in returning to the beautiful western counties time after time to complete the trail bit by bit.

I completed Land’s End to Tintagel as part of my cross-England walk in 2006 and 2007, and went on the five further miles to Boscastle the following year. In bits and pieces since 2001, I’ve walked southwards from Barnstaple to Boscastle, and in August / September 2015 completed Minehead to Barnstaple, though in a rather peculiar order! The entire southern section – 350 miles – remains. If I had a lifetime, no problem, but as I reach 70 in 2021 there are no promises, just an intention.

the start point

The author in civvies at the start point, Minehead 2015

Minehead to Barnstaple
Barnstaple to Tintagel
Land’s End to Tintagel *

* Described on the Cornwall page of my cross-England walk