The trouble with printed guidebooks is that they can get out of date.

Not with Trailman guides though, as during summer and autumn 2023 I re-walked each of the first four books.

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Stort Valley Way
Forest Way
Three Forests Way
Accuro 50

So far, there are three changes to Harlow Sculpture Walks.

  • The latest addition to the town’s sculpture collection went on display in the Town Park in November 2023 and will be seen on both the medium and longer walks. Minerva by Irene Posner was carved from a single piece of Portland stone, in homage to Chiron by Mary Spencer Watson (see pp 14 and 31); it also references the Roman temple, dedicated to Minerva (goddess of wisdom), which can be seen nor far from the town’s recycling depot if you are ever out that way.
  • Harlow’s Conservative council has decided to rename Allende Avenue (p5) as Zelenskyy Avenue – not that the Ukrainian president is not worthy, but it’s a deliberate erasure of the memory of thousands killed by the Pinochet regime.
  • It is currently not possible to walk through the Parndon Moat Mount nature reserve (p19), as the boardwalk has been removed, hopefully pending reconstruction. Instead, continue beside the main road to the bridge over the River Stort; immediately after, take the path downhill to the river, and stay beside it to Parndon Mill.

Updates to my Cicerone guides are available through the Cicerone website. If you register your book with Cicerone, you’ll be told of updates as they are ready. The London book was fully re-walked and revised during 2022 (earlier editions are now out of date, though it should still be possible to follow the routes), and I plan to re-walk each of the routes in the Essex book during 2024-25.